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Activate the amazing properties of Sparkle WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download Software and unlock the protection settings against unverified users. WooCommerce & EDD Software License Manager offers the best and you can find one that suits your taste and budget pronto.

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Protect your digital items with your own license

License management

The ultimate control your digital product is start! With WE License Manager (Sparkle WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download Software Licensing manager), you can easily control and manage your product’s license without breaking a sweat.

What we are most centered on is providing our users with licensing system and creating environment whereby you can control and update your product through our plugins.

Spa rkle WE License Manager - License Management

Why Use WE License Manageer

Browse very awesome features and choose…

Lesser time in Management

We handle licensing, renewal, emails notifications, and other means. Our plugin is programmed to create less hassle for you but creates more benefits instead.


An affordable price has been created for everyone. So you get to pick the price that works best for your budget scheme. You also get to pick your sales medium (EDD, WOO) while saving time and money.

Visualize Your Data Chart

You can use the details obtained from the chart to stay ahead, get to be strategic about your site, and ensure that users attain the best experience.

#Better Licensing

WordPress has continually improved since its inception, and so have we. Staying on top and ahead has always been our endgame.

Do you want to know more about us? Get to see our highlighted features and get a picture of what this plugin does and how it works consistently to satisfy you.

Instant License

Choose We License Manager and obtain a license that can be checked and controlled according to your discretion. Save time with hassle-free license management software.

Automatic Email

Our system provides an outreach avenue where an email notification is sent to users before and after the expiration of the license key, as well as when an order is complete.

1 Click Setup

Do you want to get the licensing feature but do not want the hassle that can come with it? There are no worries about that because our system supports a one-click setup.

Custom Email Template

We have numerous email templates to suit your message and can best match your preference. You can create numerous email templates with no restriction and you use Text/HTML for this, at your discretion.

Email Schedule

We always look forward to making things easier for you. You can plan out the email notification that should be sent to your users and when the time comes, the system will automatically perform this task accordingly.

Recuring Earning

Attain consistent income with our plugin licensing system. The use of this system does not in any way obstruct your earnings. A viable payment system is made admissible for convenience. After activation of our licensing system, you can generate a recurring income.

License Options

Get a license for a specific downloaded product only. And you enable and disable the license whenever you want to.

License Types

There is the limited and unlimited license type. Choose that which suits your taste and budget

Active Domain

System automatically shows active and inactive domain list.Also you can filter license by license status .

Managing License

Get your licensed keys in a listed format and gain control over these keys. You can manage these keys and get features such as activating, disabling and even deleting the license keys.

Automatic Update

You can turn on the automatic update feature and get your themes and plugins automatically updated by configuring it individually on your product’s download.

License Renewal

Our plugin supports license renewability upon expiration and automatic operation of the licensing process.

User Monetoring

You can easily monitor users using license and track them when their license is about to expire in the sites where their products are being used.


This plugin is perfect for developers searching for a medium to sell licensed digital products. And also a perfect choice with themes and plugins in mind for WordPressers.

Advance Reporting

This plugins give you exact result of your user experience. You can generate the popularity report based on Browser, PHP Version, WordPress Version.

No Limit

There is no limit to the plugins and themes you can add when using the licensing system. Therefore unrestricted control to manage the plugins and themes created for your convenience.

Third Party Application

This plugins not only support WordPress, you can use license key for your third party application. This software allow to validate license via REST API.

WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download

You can use any plugins for your backend to manage product. Our plugins is fully compatible with Easy Digital Downlaod and WooCommerce.
WE License manager

Brands that Love We License Manager

Explore the improving benefits of our plugin – one-click setup, automatic updates, data analytics, license activation & deactivation, product licensing, and so much more.

Plugins Integration

WE Licensing Manager, Sparkle Plugin

Save Time, License Better, Deploy Faster, Reinvent WordPress.

WE License Manager Plugin, Sparkle Plugin

Software Licensing, Data Analytics, Automatic Updates, Email list builder, Automatic Email Responder, – all in one place.