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Sparkle WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download Software License Manager that’s helps you to protect from unverified users.

WooCommerce & EDD Software License Manager is best fit for Plugins and Themes Developer, this plugin helps you to generate extra amount of sales as recurring income.

Core Feature

Use our plugin to provide a licensing system for your digital products to control the use and updates of the product.

License Management

Sparkle WooCommerce & Edd Software Licensing manager lets you manage, activate, deactivate, and delete the licenses. Plugin admin can control the license as per their need. They can disable the license, extend the license or delete it. Also, the plugin admin can control the activated sites.

User Monetoring

Plugin admin can easily monitor their users using license and track them when their license is about to expire in the sites where their products are being used.

Plugin admin can monitor the user’s license and can take actions like sending a renewed notification in email if their license is going to expire.

System automatically handles the email notification before expiration, expired and after its expired.

Easy Renewable

Expired license can be easily renewed within a few minutes once it expires. The user will receive the license renewal notification in their emails which can include license renewal URL. Click on license renewal within seconds they can renew their license. Also admin can send license renewal notifications to selected users manually.

Recuring Earning

Using our plugin’s licensing system you can earn recurring income. By using a licensing system license will expire after a certain time duration and your customers must renew their license for further updates and support.

User Friendly

Our plugin is developed with user experience in mind. We have developed our plugin in a simple and user friendly way so there should not be a problem using it. Plugin admin can easily configure and use the plugin within minutes.

Once Click Update

Our plugin supports the auto updates of a plugin/themes(your digital products) once you implement the auto renewal in your themes or plugin and within a few configurations in product downloads your user can receive the updates of the products.

Our Pricing

Get our Sparkle WooCommerce & Edd Software Licensing System at very affordable price.

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