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 * Easy Digital Downloads Theme Updater
 * @package Sparkle_WEDL_Sample_Theme_Updater

// Includes the files needed for the theme updater
if ( !class_exists( 'Sparkle_WE_DP_Theme_Updater_Admin' ) ) {
	include( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/wedl-theme-updater-admin.php' );

// Loads the updater classes
$updater = new Sparkle_WE_DP_Theme_Updater_Admin(
	// Config settings
	$config = array(
		'remote_api_url' => 'http://yourshop.url', //  Site where EDD is hosted
		'item_name'      => 'Theme Name', // Name of theme
		'theme_slug'     => 'sparkle-edd-sample-theme', // Theme slug
		'version'        => '1.0.0', // The current version of this theme
		'author'         => 'Sparkle WP Themes', // The author of this theme
		'download_id'    => '', // Optional, used for generating a license renewal link
		'renew_url'      => '', // Optional, allows for a custom license renewal link
		'product_id'     => 'PRODUCT_ID', // set the product id here *important

WE License Manager SDK File is less than 100KB.
We allow users to license their digital products using the SDK file at their convenience.

All you have to do is copy the WE Licence Manager SDK file from Github, codify it,
add other lines of code to those already programmed, if required, and finally activate it to your themes and plugin.

Sparkle License Manager - License Activate

Display license validity right from your licensing page

Add our SDK file to your theme and plugin, and you get to view the license page which can help you keep track of the validity and status of your license.

You can also take charge and access the license page through the license key.

You want your customers to get updated on the new version of themes and plugins, all you have to do is directly deploy this update to the customer’s dashboard. And your customer would receive an update accordingly.

Upload the zip file, and leave the rest to us. 

Enable, disable, deactivate licenses anytime you want.

Do you want more control over your licensed product? You can enable, disable, or deactivate licenses anytime you want.

After the licenses are generated, you can simply view them from your admin dashboard and manage all subscriptions.

From your admin dashboard, you can conveniently enable, disable, or deactivate a license subscription at your discretion.

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