WordPress Dashboard

Get real-time data analytics on your customer activities. You can get access and control to this now!

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Customer Behavior

Get access to a data chart that shows how your product is being utilized.

This has proven to be very fertile because it lets you predict your customers’ outlook on your product and lets you decide on data-driven decisions on product growth.

License Analytics is made available for both free and premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Statistics of WordPress Version

This allows you to see which WordPress version your clients are using. As a result, you may optimize your product to be compatible with your client’s usage of WordPress.

PHP Version & Server Software Analytics

For better operation, access and view your PHP version plus server software usage statistics. This helps you make better decisions for your themes and plugins.

Manage The Localization Differences

Gaining international recognition the no hassle. Access and know there locality your customers based on number. And you can also enable the translation mechanism and other features, at enabled to aid communication between you and your customers.
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Why Use WE License Manageer

Browse very awesome features and choose…

Sparkle Edd Licensing

Analytics, Software Licensing, Automatic Updates, Automatic Email Responder, Email list building – everything in one place