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Auto Email Responder

We License Manager - Email Schedule

Schedule Email

You can simply schedule an email notification based on the license status and order status of the license subscription. The System would automatically send the email at the scheduled time.

Based on the License option

  1. Before Expiration – Day or weekly schedule option. On the day of the expiration
  2. After Expiration – Day or weekly schedule option
  3. On the same day of expiration

WE Licence manager includes the email schedule features with advanced template design. This plugin supports both platforms (WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download

Based on the order status

  1. Complete
  2. Pending 
  3. Processing
  4. Refunded
  5. Failed
  6. Canceled
  7. And more…

Organize your Emails by Order Status

For your convenience, you can organize your email in a classified manner. You can classify them by classes such as; pending order status, complete order status, abandoned cart email status, and so on. This is to aid users’ convenience and accessibility.

Also, you can creatively customize your email templates and send them to your users appropriately.

We License Manager - Customer Management

Email Templates

Simply you don’t have to use any third-party tools for email marketing. You can design your email templates and setup for your customer. 

The system automatically manages the customer and email status based on your configuration. 

Custom Email Template

Email notification should be greatly utilized by you because it can keep your business in the mind of your customers. 

Send regular updates and notifications.

Harness and craftily customize templates for your email that suits your message.

Sparkle License Manager - Custom Email Template
Sparkle License Manager - Custom Email Template

Email Marketing

Market your product or brand with emails

Send out updates on recent happenings that can interest your customers, give out regular notifications, harness the use of a support team, and so on. 

Email marketing is an effective tool for building one’s product or brand.

Why Use WE License Manageer

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