Sparkle EDD Licensing

Do you own commercial WordPress plugins and themes and using EDD e-commerce solutions for selling your digital
products? Are you in search of a plugin to allow your user to use your themes or plugins for
a certain period of time and after that allow the user to renew their product?
Are you trying to implement a licensing system for your themes or plugins?
if the answer is yes you are in right place, Our plugin supports licensing system for your commercial themes
and plugins. Use our Add-on plugin to provide a license key for your specified products with various options
related to those licenses. A complete license management system.

Plugin features

  1. Generate license keys for each purchase of download.
  2. Enable licensing for your specified download products only. There is an option to enable licensing for each download so you can enable licensing for your required download products only.
  3. You can define license type to limited or unlimited. Allow users to use the license key for a specific time duration or for a lifetime.
  4. You can define your license key to be activated up to certain domains after that user is not allowed to use a license key.
  5. Get the list of the license keys in-licenses page where you can manage license-related tasks like regenerate license key, edit expiration date, change license type, change activation limits, etc.
  6. Admin and user both can manage their active sites.
  7. Our plugin supports licensing renewal features as well. If you have enabled license renewal you can set license
    renewal discounts and options to disable discount codes during license renewal. And also for individual
    download products, you can disable the license renewal discount and can overwrite the renewal discount percentage.
  8. For automatic updates of WordPress themes and plugins, you can configure it in the products of each individual download. You can set the latest plugin version number, update the file, and its changelog.
  9. You can schedule the sending of emails using cron. You can send renewal notifications before and after
    the expiry date of license keys.
  10. You can use various template tags for the email body.


Plugin Documentation: