Product MetaBox Options

On each Download product’s edit page you will find a metabox to configure the license options. The configuration available are as follows.

  • Enable: Please check this option to enable the licensing for this specific products only. So please go to each products and enable licensing where you want to enable the licensing.
  • Activation Limit: In this setting, please enter the number for which this license key will be activated for different sites. For example if you enter 5 in this setting, this license key can be used for upto 5 unique websites.
  • License type: Set the license type to limited or unlimited. If you set license type to limited then the license key will expire after certain time duration that you can configure in next setting. But if you set the license type to unlimited the license key will not expire and can be used for lifetime.
  • License Duration: If you have selected the license type to limited then this is the settings that you need to configure. Please set the license duration in days for which the license key will be expired.
  • Disable Discount Renewal: If you have enabled the license renewal options in general settings then only this options will be available. If you have enabled the license renewal in general settings and if you want to disable the license renewal discount for this specific product then you can enable this option.
  • Renewal Discount(%): Please set this value if you want to overwrite the configuration of renewal discount in general settings.
  • Version: This is latest plugin version number. If you are selling WordPress plugins and themes then this can be used for the automatic updates of themes and plugins.
  • Update file: This file will be used for the automatic updates of WordPress themes or plugins.
  • changelog: This is the section for writing the changelogs about the latest WordPress theme or plugin.

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