This is the main page for display of the licenses generated by this plugin. This page provides an overview of all the license keys you have sold. Each row contains –

  • product name – When you hover over product name you will find options for disable of license key or delete the license key.
  • Purchase ID – Ater that you will find order details link when hover over Purchase ID.
  • Customer Name – This will display the customer name of the given license key.
  • License key – When you hover over license Key there you will find view license details and when you click on it you will find details of that license key.
  • Activation Date – In the activation Date column you will get the activation date of license key.
  • Expiration Date – Similarly, Expiration date column will shows the expiration date of license key.
  • Activation Limit – Activation limit column will display the available activation and total activation remaining to activate the license key.
  • Status – Status column will display the status of the license key. Inactive means the license key haven’t used in any site yet. Active means the license key is active at least in one site. Disabled means the license key is disabled by admin. Expired means the license key is expired.
  • Use count – Use count will display the license key used in various sites.

If you hover over license key there you will find view details link. After clicking on it you will find the details about the license. License details contains:

  • license key: Here you will find the licene key and if you want to generate new license key you can generate new license key by clicking on regenerate link.
  • Purchase date: This is the information on which day the license key was purchased.
  • License Type: It displays if the license key is limited or unlimited.
    • Limited: If you have set the license key for that product to limited there you will get option to modify the license expiration date. Here you will also see the info about license duration. It will give info about how many days the license key will be active.
    • Unlimited:If you have seletected the license key to be unlimited the license key can be used for lifetime. There will not be any expiration date.
  • Product: This will display the name of the product that the license key belongs to.
  • Activation limit: This will display the activation count of the license key. for example if you have set the license activation limit to 5 then the license key can be activated upto 5 sites.
  • Status: This will display the status of the license key. Status can be active, inactive, disabled and expired.
  • Customer: This will display the customer name.
  • Sites: This will display the sites name where the license keys has been activated. Here you can remove or deactivate the site as per your need.

Renewal URLs: Here you will get a renewal link to renew the license key. This link can be used by that customer to renew the license.

Related Payments: Here you will get the list of the payments related to that license key. This information can display the info about the renewal of the license key.

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